What If a Five Minute Hate Went Two Hours Long?

What If a Five Minute Hate Went Two Hours Long?

Many of you have seen my past #5minh8 rants on Twitter. This is where I rant for roughly five minutes about the the important things in life like: – People that take half a donut at work – The gas station putting the wrong flavor of coffee in the urn...

Using My Words – Characters

Out in the real world, I’m fairly anti-social. I hate crowded places and have a slight disdain for people in general. Not like a super-villainous urge to rid the world of humanity by any stretch, I just don’t like how people act when they are in groups. This could...

Using My Words – “Reviews”

So, it has come out that the indie phenom John Locke paid for some of his 5-star reviews (see link below for the article). He wasn’t the only one but he was the best known. John Locke was the first indie author to sell 1 million ebooks. He even wrote a book about how...

Using My Words – Serials

Today, I’m throwing out a straight up warning. Beware the serial novel. I started writing the first of The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell as a serial to include in my newsletter. I wanted to offer subscribers something exclusive. It’s done that but it’s...

Using My Words – Short Stories

Why short stories? I love short stories. The Most Dangerous Game, Lenigan vs. the Ants, The Illustrated Man, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty; these were some of my first favorite stories and they didn’t have to be long to make their impact felt. I’ve always loved...

Using My Words – Regrouping

Does this author thing ever become overwhelming? Yes. You’re trying to feed any momentum there is and the urge to put work out is pretty substantial. I refuse to put anything out that I’m not proud of which slows the process down. When it slows down, it’s frustrating....

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