News From the Apocalypse

News From the Apocalypse

Last Band of the Apocalypse is now available. Follow the adventures of a tribute band caught between gigs during the end of the world as they choose a new direction for the band. Get it here.         Knights of the Apocalypse is coming soon. A...
News From the Apocalypse

Back to the Wasteland

The sequel to Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors is back from the proofreader and coming soon. But, I’m not going to make you wait until I’m done with it to get back to the wasteland. Last Band of the Apocalypse is coming this week.   This short story...

Meet My Character Blog Tour

Welcome to my leg of the Meet My Character Blog Tour. I’d like to thank Thomas Scott for inviting me to participate. Thomas is the author of the State Series which includes State of Anger and State of Betrayal. Each follows the protagonist Virgil Jones, a detective...

Using My Words – Book Launch

I don’t know what I’m doing. I think I’ve made that very clear. But here I go again, launching a new title out into the world. I don’t have this figured out just yet, but I’ll share what I do know about launching a book on Kindle and how I’m going about it for the new...
What If a Five Minute Hate Went Two Hours Long?

What If a Five Minute Hate Went Two Hours Long?

Many of you have seen my past #5minh8 rants on Twitter. This is where I rant for roughly five minutes about the the important things in life like: – People that take half a donut at work – The gas station putting the wrong flavor of coffee in the urn...

Why I Love Twitter

I’ve just released a short to guide to Twitter for authors. The guide is really specific to how authors and individuals can brand themselves using the social network so, I didn’t get much into why I personally love Twitter. But, I thought I’d mention that here. I’m...


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