I like coffee. I like brands. As coffee is the most commoditized product on the planet, the brand becomes everything. Lately, I discovered a ton of cool and quirky coffee brands out there. So many so that I’m almost convinced that a great coffee brand may not even need to make coffee at all. But I’ll be checking them out and telling you what I think all the same.   

The brew:  Iron Bean Coffee Drink From the Skull of Your Enemy

I’ve been looking forward to trying this vet-owned brand for a while. They have a fun presence online and their logo is an over-caffeinated owl. And what’s better than a wired bird of prey? One wearing a viking helmet. I like it so much I ordered a stoneware mug with the little guy on it. (Which I believe was really lucky timing because they seem to sell out quick.

There are several roasts I want to try from these folks but I had to start with Drink From the Skull of Your Enemy . Because how could I not?

The package came with a couple of stickers and a handwritten thank you note from one of the owners that said, “Bravery is half the victory.” This was great because this was the missing piece of the puzzle. I already knew that “Knowing is half the battle.” I’ve got the complete formula now, so watch out, those who wrong me.

So how was it? I think this is going to be my go to coffee from here on out. I still want to try some of their other dark roasts but this was fantastic.

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