Dearest reader,

I thought of you today. I’ve been hard at work on the final draft of The Mechanical Menace and as I toiled on the fight scene that occurs in the Midget Village you crept into my head.

What would you think of it? What would you think of me?

That an entire community was constructed at three quarter scale nearly a century ago and populated with, until The Wizard of Oz, the largest gathering of little people ever was not my doing. That is was featured as an attraction at the World’s Fair midway is not my fault. That an egocentric six-foot plus action hero with few social graces must chase a rampaging, robotic French butler through its tiny streets, however, is on me.

So, I thought of you. Would you condemn this character’s callous observations knowing that he is good at heart and simply a man the times? Or he will be branded an insensitive jerk? I guess I can only wait and see what the answers will be.

Would it have been best to leave the Midget Village to the pages of history as a misstep in sensitivity? Or would it be a disservice to the petite performers that gave so much of their talents and time to entertain fair-goers to let it be forgotten? I believe we must remember our history else we are doomed to repeat it. I also believe that the scene is really, really funny.

So it’s staying in.



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