Dearest readers,

I thought of you today. In my latest book, duty takes our hero to the London Economic Conference of 1933. This conference was between many nations to discuss ways to alleviate the crushing debt that was pulling the world into a global depression.

As we all know, any efforts to stop the plunge failed and inevitably took us to World War II.

As I wrote the chapter I though of you and asked myself, “Will they care?”

And the answer was, “probably not.” After all the conference was an argument for and against currency devaluation which makes my own eyes roll back into my head for a nap. On top of that it was held in a Geological Museum. A museum full of rocks. Boring old rocks.

History is full of exciting moments, conflicts and settings. This was not one of them. So I filled the conference with jokes. Not about currency valuation, but about interstellar radio programs.

Don’t worry. It all makes sense in context.

I may have also taken a swipe or two at the rock museum.





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