I got let go from my job on Friday.

After 13 years, almost to the day, my career in advertising came to an end. I’ll always be proud of the work I produced. These include such classics as:

Bagelize Their Sandwich (This actually got written up in the NYT as an example of what’s wrong with America—a proud day for me)

Go Down More Often (a ski pass offer that sold into an apparently oblivious client in Utah.)

And, for the last 4 years, variations of Save $1 when you buy 2 (8 oz. or larger) bags of Lay’s Potato Chips.

Now, no one would deny that it was a great run. But, the economy being what it is, and everyone realizing that store brand potato chips are just as delicious as the name brand, there had to be cutbacks.

Getting laid off sucks for a whole mess of reasons. But, I’m going to look at the bright side of this. For example, I finally have time to take advantage of the free neck trim they offer between haircuts.

On top of the neck trim, I already have a new job. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. I’m working for myself and I’m an awesome boss.

Today is my first day at Amalgamated Thoughts & Concepts. What do we do here? We write. We make words do all kinds of fancy shit. Sometimes we’ll even put art to those words. Sometimes it’s just art. But, most importantly, we make things up. We make up people, worlds, stories, entire universes, alternate realities and more.

At my last job I ended up just making coupons and awesome ideas that never went anywhere.

These ideas are going places.

I’m very excited for the first day at my new job.

Want in on the excitement? You can be a part of our first great adventure here.


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