I love smoking. Truly love it. Sure, maybe it’s the addiction talking but it also gives me a reason to step away from my desk every now and then. It also gives me something to do in traffic besides hate other drivers for no valid reason.

But, apparently, it isn’t good for you. So, I’m quitting for the kids. I don’t want to risk them taking it up and finding out how cool it is.

I’ve warned my co-workers and family because I’m going to be a bastard for at least a couple of weeks. Maybe more if I think I can get away with it.

To mitigate any withdrawal killings, I’ve started using an electronic cigarette. I guess the technical term is vaporizer. This gives me the nicotine my body needs without all the other stuff that goes into a normal cigarette.

I think it’s helping but I can tell you that my body is really missing the rat poison, or whatever it is, that makes cigarettes taste so good. It’s weird plugging my smokes into a charger every night, but if it can help me quit then I’ll keep it up. So far, so good. I’ll report on progress here if I don’t give the local news team reason to cover it first.


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