I’m not writing for you anymore. And, I’ll be honest, I never really wanted to. I wanted to write for me. It was a totally selfish act.

When I first started writing books it was a way to escape the pressures of my day job. I’d sit by myself for hours without a clue as to what I was doing. I didn’t know if what I was writing was any good, or if any one was going to like it, and it didn’t matter. I liked it.

Now, a few years later I have the pressure of a thousand eyes on me as I write. And no one likes people looking over their shoulder when they type.

So I’m going to be writing for myself again. I never tried to write a book that would sell. I never tried to write a book that would be popular. I wrote as an escape from a routine I didn’t enjoy. And I think it was better that way.

Lately I’ve found myself thinking too much about what would sell. I’ve been watching the rankings. I’ve been studying trends. I’ve been trying to crack the Da Vinci code that is the world of publishing. And, that isn’t any fun.

So, I’m not doing it anymore. That being said, there’s plenty of new stuff on the way but, I’m just going to focus on writing stories I enjoy filled with jokes that I find funny.

I’m not writing for you anymore, but I hope you enjoy it.


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