I’m pretty much your standard grumpy old man when it comes to the changes Lucas made to Star Wars.

Yay! Enhance Mos Eisley.

Yay! The Millenium Falcon taking off.

Why does Boba Fett sound different?

That’s not the right song!

I didn’t sign on for this!

I can admit that the unannounced changes upset me because they made me question my own memory. That made me feel older so I kind of adopted the “Don’t change anything else” attitude.

But the Kenobi Vader duel makes no sense now. Forget effects. It’s just dull compared to the other light saber fights we’ve seen. Plus, for someone that couldn’t let go of his anger, Vader is playing it pretty cool when he finally gets to face off against the guy that cut off his legs, and arms, and the guy he blames for killing his wife. So maybe we deserve a better a sword fight, but we need to see him pissed. Give me a version of Star Wars with the below reimagined scene edited in and I’ll tell the grumpy old man in me to sit down.


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