The Monkeynauts are back! Kind of…

Remember the Monkeynauts?

The out-of-this-world adventures of the Monkeynauts were a staple of Saturday mornings for many of us. We cheered as Commander Mike McMonkey and his crew from Terran Alliance for Interstellar Liberty (T.A.I.L.) defended the stars against the evils of Major Ursa and his Cosmomutts as they tried to spread Space Communism across the galaxy.

Now the classic characters are coming back. Kind of.

The Monkeynauts are featured characters in Junkers Season 2 by Benjamin Wallace. The book follows a team of robot reclamation specialists that are charged with hunting down rogue machines in the near future. In the book, the team is sent to an abandoned theme park populated by animatomatomic versions of popular Saturday morning cartoon characters that have run amok.


Commander Mike will join popular characters from the Dinosty Warriors, the Bearberry Bears and more in the sequel to last year’s best-seller, Junkers.

It was supposed to be the happiest place on the whole wide planet.

It was supposed to be a place where every child’s favorite characters came to life. And, it was, until those characters went nuts and started killing everyone. Then it wasn’t so happy.

Ten years later Jake and his team of robot reclamation specialists are heading to the island theme park to confront the evil machines, discover Kat’s connection to the disaster and boost the flagging ratings on their reality show, Scrappers. Fearless Monkeynauts, overly friendly Bearberry Bears, feuding Presidents, Dinosty Warriors, fairy tale legends and more populate the abandoned park and only the Junkers are brave enough, or dumb enough, to go for a visit.


Join Jake, Hailey, Kat, Savant, Mason and, of course, Glitch as they try to uncover the mystery of what they call The Tragic Kingdom.


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