My journey through the Discworld series has brought me here to Moving Pictures. The tenth book in the publishing order and the twelfth I’ve read. Since I went back and started at the beginning I can say they just keep getting better and better and I’m already finding this to be one of my favorites.

I’ve been looking for the hardbacks at used bookstores and hit a wall around books 9 and 10. I’ve been forced to read the latest paperback on this one and I have an odd, very nitpicky complaint.

It’s not the cover. I know it upsets some but I’ll still grab the hardback if I find it after the fact, as I did with Pyramids.

And I’ve got a few waiting on the shelf:

What’s bugging me is this:









I’m not a picky person, generally, but I’m having little anxiety attacks on odd number pages. I’m worried I’m going to run out of paper before I do sentence. Look at that. The typesetter was living on the edge. I thought it was just me. So I showed my wife. She’s an art director and designer. I shouldn’t have shown. It wasn’t a nice thing to do.

Anyway, aside from having a panic attack every time a sentence rags, I’m really enjoying this one.

Check it out





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