LastBandofApocalypse_cvr_blkLast Band of the Apocalypse is now available.

Follow the adventures of a tribute band caught between gigs during the end of the world as they choose a new direction for the band.

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KnightsoftheApocalypse_cvr_loKnights of the Apocalypse is coming soon.

A price on their heads has forced Jerry, Erica and Chewy to leave New Hope and travel west. Along the way they find themselves stranded in the Kingdom of the Five Peaks, a land run by King Elias and his knights. Before it’s over they will be forced to survive a city full of cannibals, rescue a princess, storm a castle and much, much more.

Coming February 28th, 2015



PrisonersDilemma_1EPrisoner’s Dilemma is FREE for a couple of days.

The post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior has been captured and awaits his fate in death match justice. It’s a more common justice system than you’d think.

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It's a collection of short stories about time travel, alien invasions, selling homes in alternate dimensions, giant combiner robots, post-apocalyptic beagles and much more. And it's all read by the amazing Phil Thron.

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