I wouldn’t have thought it but, the eleventh book was the hardest to write.

You’d think it would be the first one, but I didn’t know what I was doing so I had no frame of reference.

I hadn’t learned much by the second book and the third and fourth books just kind of happened. I got cocky.

But then people started reading the books, so the fifth had a little more pressure to it but it wasn’t too bad.

The sixth book was done in dribs in drabs in my newsletter with few subscribers so that wasn’t so bad.

The seventh books was zombies and it was only a quasi-sequel, so that was just fun.

Then I started writing pure sequels and, holy shit, was that stressful. All of a sudden there are expectations.

Book eight was part two to a book no one read much at that point so it wasn’t too bad.

Book nine was the sequel to my biggest seller and the pressure was paralyzing. I like to believe that I don’t care what people think, but who am I fooling? I do care.

Book ten was book three in a series and people had started reading the series so it mattered this time. But the series has a lot more latitude so it wasn’t too bad.

But book eleven. Wow. Book eleven is Pursuit of the Apocalypse, the third Duck & Cover Adventure. The continuing adventures of The Librarian and Erica and Chewy, their awesome dog. These are characters that people are vested in. The pressure was insane. The tone of the story made making with the jokes a little tougher (but I found a place for them). It was a whip of WIP the whole time. But, it’s done and it’s good. And I think you’ll like it.

And then there’s book twelve. Oddly enough book twelve is easy. It may be the easy time I’ve had writing a book. It’s a stand alone story—no sequel pressure—and it is fun. I’m having the best time with book twelve. It’s just flowing like I can’t believe. I wrote half of it in a week which is just ridiculous. If things keep up I should finish it this week. I’m having more fun than I can remember writing.

There will be more sequels coming. After this I’m diving back into the apocalypse and then back into the Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell. And there may be some pressure there but I don’t think anything will be like book eleven.

I think it’s safe to say the eleventh book is the hardest.





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