The Benjamin Wallace Books Read-Along Giveaway

This is the story of how you can win!

We’ll be giving away 5 audiobook codes for a different book every Friday of February.

This week, we’re giving away 5 codes for Junkers. This is the tale of a blue-collar crew whose job is to take down renegade machines when they are out of warranty. They’re used to taking out the odd dishwasher or nanny bot, but this time the whole city has gone rogue and it’s more than they can handle.

But, this is a read-along, remember? So, you’re going to want a copy of the book. Don’t worry. The Junkers ebook is on sale this week as part of a Kindle countdown deal. At the time of posting, it’s just 99 cents.

Get it now


How do you enter?

Just send an email with the subject line “Reading Makes My Lips Tired” to [email protected].

Include your name in the body of the email.

It’s just that easy.

NOTE: If you entered last week, your name is still in the hat. No need to enter again.

Good Luck.


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