I’m not sure what’s going on. A year ago I was selling thousands of copies of my books each month. Now, I’m lucky if I sell 10 a day. I know that Amazon has changed some things. A lot of things. So that could be it. It could be the world playing with me. Now that I’m trying to make a go of things as an author, it would seem like fate’s sense of humor to shut down any success I was having. But, I don’t think it’s really any of those things.

It’s quite obvious what’s happening. The forces of evil are conspiring against me, obviously.

And when that happens there is only one natural response—be more awesome. It would be easy to curl up and fret. But fretting only gets you so far and it’s getting warmer here now so the fetal position gets uncomfortable quickly.

Now, stepping up the awesomeness may seem daunting. I thought, in fact, that I had peaked a couple of weeks ago when I impressed my bride of almost 13 years with my rollerblading skills. But, it can be done. I don’t like evil. I refuse to let it win.

I’ve got a couple of things coming up that are pretty awesome. Look for them soon.




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