I don’t know what I’m doing. I think I’ve made that very clear. But here I go again, launching a new title out into the world. I don’t have this figured out just yet, but I’ll share what I do know about launching a book on Kindle and how I’m going about it for the new title. I’ll be trying some new things out this time around as well so we can all see how it goes.

First – get everyone excited. I’ve been teasing and posting some samples from Dumb White Husband vs Babies for a while now. Hopefully, people are all a titter. (teehee, titter)

Second – Submit your book to Amazon’s KDP service and be patient. They’re fast and they’re getting faster, but don’t go telling everyone your book is ready the instant the buy button appears on the title. You’ll want to make sure that your book has been placed in the categories you selected. You’ll be able to tell if you scroll to the bottom of your book’s Amazon page. If it just shows one line of links in NonFiction, it has not been categorized.

You’re probably going to have a good number of sales your first day if even from just friends and family. (If you don’t, I’d say make new friends and write your family out of the will.) You’re going to want to make sure these sales help move you up the ranks in your categories. If you’re not categorized yet, they won’t help. So just be patient. (NOTE: Being patient sucks.)

Third – Tell everybody. Twitter. Facebook. Blog. Website. Harassing phone calls to loved ones. Etc. If you were able to coordinate a blog tour or interviews you should do that too. Myself, it takes all the time I have to write and work so I’ve been remiss at planning any of this stuff.

Fourth – (And here’s where I’m trying new things so I’ll talk specifically to DWH vs. Babies). I’ll post a blog about how to launch a book and tell people that they can get it here: Buy DWH vs. Babies here.

Fifth – The next day I’ll post a sample on dumbwhitehusband.com.

Sixth – I’ll participate in Sweet Saturday Sample: http://sweetsatsample.wordpress.com

Seventh – I’ll participate in Six Sunday: http://sixsunday.com

Eighth – I’ll send out my newsletter containing the next installment of my serial novel and a reminder that the new title is available.

Ninth – beer.

Tenth – More beer.

If you can get most of your expected sales concentrated in the first few days you will see your rank lower (if you don’t know, the lower the number, the higher the rank) and increase your chances of hitting the bestseller lists. From there, people will hopefully see your new title and be intrigued enough to check out the cover, the description and sample and then make a purchase.

I don’t believe in using Twitter or Facebook to over-promote, but, on launch days, people are understanding. Still, don’t overdo it.

Good luck with your launch and don’t forget to check out Dumb White Husband vs Babies: A Guide for the Unsuspecting Father.

About the book:
From the moment your wife hands you the stick covered in pee, the world is out to get you. Doctors will ignore you, baby companies will try to take advantage of you, hospitals will try to cripple you and your new child will try to make you sterile.

This everyman’s guide to becoming a father gives you every warning the other books missed and offers advice on how to get from the pregnancy till the end of your baby’s first year. It covers everything from where to hold the stick your wife spent the morning peeing on to ensuring that your baby’s first word is, “Dada.”

There’s even a twin version in case your so much of a man that you knocked up your wife twice at the same time.

Don’t go into fatherhood unprepared. Know what’s coming.

Download it today.


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