Authors, what do you wish?

For me, being an author is a wish come true. I get to spend most of my time playing make believe. Well, not most of my time. Some of my time. A little of my time. The truth is I end up spending more time being an author and less time writing.

It seems selfish to wish for anything more, but I daydream a lot so I do. I’m not even talking about the movie deals or bestseller lists kind of wishes.

I wish I could spend more time writing and less time marketing.

I wish I didn’t always have to worry about blogging.

I wish I didn’t have to resort to spammy type tweets – because now matter how clever and unspamlike we think they are, they’re annoying someone somewhere.

My list goes on like this but I want to hear from other authors. If you were to find some magic monkey’s paw that granted you three wishes, what would they be. Ignore the fact that the monkey paw from the story granted wishes with curses. That’s not the case with this little hypothetical. Nope. Totally curse free wishes.

So, what’s on your wish list? Put them in the comments.

Maybe all of us together can figure out how to make some of them come true.



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