I’ve just released a short to guide to Twitter for authors. The guide is really specific to how authors and individuals can brand themselves using the social network so, I didn’t get much into why I personally love Twitter. But, I thought I’d mention that here.

I’m weird. I think all writers are to some extent. And most of us will admit it. We like to sit by ourselves for hours on end making up stories and imaginary people. That’s weird.

Maybe it’s because of that weirdness that I’m not really a social person. I prefer hanging out in small groups, usually as small as just me.

I’ve read that many people draw energy from a crowd. It revs them up and they feed off the interaction and stimulation of a noisy room and the bustle of people. That is as not me as you can get. Parties and crowds drain me like nothing else.

That’s not to say that I don’t like people. I don’t – but, for entirely different reasons. But, a person? Them I like.
In social settings people put their airs on. They’re in character. They’re not themselves. I’ve never liked phony. I don’t like things pretending to be something they’re not. It’s probably why I hate Miracle Whip so damn much.

But, when you talk to someone outside of those settings, they’re themselves. Genuine. I like genuine. Mayo rocks.

And, even though I’m not really social, I’ve got a smart mouth that I like to run endlessly.

Enter Twitter; this silly little program where you can meet the whole world one-on-one. It’s everything that I like about meeting a person without having to deal with people.

I get to interact with potentially millions of people from around the world. And, aside from fake Batman, they’re generally very honest about who they are, what they like and are open with opinions about everything.

Twitter is perfect for the shy/contempt-filled people like me. I get the intellectual stimulation I need without having to explain over and over that I did not see the game the night before.

I get to be myself. And, I don’t have to worry about working my way awkwardly into a conversation, knocking over a beer or getting caught staring at somebody’s boobs.
The people are friendly and outgoing. They’re interesting. They make me laugh. They share interesting stories. They get excited for me when things go well. They encourage me. And, it’s genuine.

When it’s come down to it, the reason I love Twitter is you – all of you.

You should know that I’ve dedicated the guide to you, all the friends that I’ve met on Twitter. You’ve made playing around online fun and inspiring in more ways than you can imagine. I never would have thought 140 character comments could be so powerful.


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