Willie and coy

If you think about it, you probably know a Willie and a Coy. Every town has them.

Willie and Coy grew up as best friends. They most likely met in the principal’s office or detention hall. It certainly wasn’t in AP class. After they were too old to go to school, they remained best friends. Mostly from a lack of options.

They have their beliefs and convictions and, even though they don’t understand them, they stand by them fervently. They don’t, however, understand what fervently means.

You could call them rednecks if you wanted to but they wouldn’t hear it over the sound of their dirt bike engines, off-season fireworks or general stupidity. They like to fight, they like to drink and they like to do loud things. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s loud and/or something is being destroyed.

They also like to talk about girls but there hasn’t been one yet that would actually back up their claims.

Their biggest achievement in life was not dying during the apocalypse. (This, of course, comes a close second to once performing the Superman Seat Grab. One day they hope to land it because it really hurts the way they do it.) They’d be happy to tell you how they survived, but the truth is they don’t. They were sleeping one off at the time. They figure that with so many people now dead, their social standing in the world has been raised. That’s when they set out to make something of themselves.

Then they got distracted for several years.

But opportunity has presented itself in the form of The Librarian. A man with a price on his head. A price so large that it would buy some really, really sweet stuff. The chase in on.







The pursuit begins May 7th.

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