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Herodotus was probably a jerk


I was humbly reflecting on how history will remember me and it got me to thinking about Herodotus. The “Father of History” was probably a jerk. To be fair I would be too if I was the one who got to decided exactly what was or wasn’t history and who got to be included and who would be forgotten. How far would ... Read More »

New Release: Tales of the Apocalypse


I’ve got a new book out but first I wanted to say thank you. The response to my Duck & Cover series has completely blown me away. It thrills me that so many people are enjoying reading the series as much as I am writing it. The comments and emails and everything have been a huge boost to my already overinflated ... Read More »

And everyone was Hitler


I don’t set out to make my books anything but a fun escape from everyday. But every now and then even I accidentally make a point. Several people have asked that I share the opening to my book Pursuit of the Apocalypse where the main character reflects on what things were like before the apocalypse. So here it is: Prelude ... Read More »

The Robot Apocalypse Has Begun


JUNKERS IS HERE! Junkers is the story of a man named Jake whose job is to stop robots when they inevitably decided to turn on us. It’s the story of a woman that used to date that man that has the same job but is paid much better and gets much more respect. And it’s the story of dishwashers, coffee ... Read More »

Strangers in a Cabin


  Last week, four authors that had communicated primarily online met in the mountains of Arizona to talk about writing books and reaching readers. It sounds strange. Especially when you consider one door in the house opened up to a cave. So what happens when four authors who met online get together in real life? You spend the first day eyeing each ... Read More »

Coming Soon: Junkers


I’ve been being cranking out the words lately and I’ve got another new story coming your way in just a few days. I had more fun writing this book than any I can remember. It’s full of action, full of jokes and full of robots. And the early response has been amazing. I’m never sure what to expect when I ... Read More »

Pursuit of the Apocalypse is available now


The adventure that began 5 years ago in Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors continues in The Pursuit of the Apocalypse. And I am really excited. I never really envisioned Post past a single book but look at it now! Make sure and grab your copy today. The bounty hunter Mr. Christopher has kidnapped Erica and The Librarian and his dog, Chewy are ... Read More »