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How to Author: Outlining

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How to Author: Faking a Setting

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How to Author: Ideas

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Utopias Are Boring


Utopias sound nice. Perfect world, harmony blah, blah, blah. But they’re kind of dull. A good old dystopia is way more exciting. Here are the books of #DystopiaCrave. Several authors got together and are offering their books for free. Check them out and together we can give a perfect society the warm and fuzzy middle finger it deserves. Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic ... Read More »


Caution: Looking at this photo has been know to cause RRS or Retina Revolt Syndome in which the viewer's retina's will detach and then kill their former host with a dirty kitchen knife.

I encountered holiday music four times yesterday. And almost every time is was that effing Wham song. It was not at all unlike being assaulted by a boxer where every punch sets you up for another that comes from a completely different and unexpected direction. There is no worse song. I’m surprised the It’s a Small World ride hasn’t ditched ... Read More »

Herodotus was probably a jerk


I was humbly reflecting on how history will remember me and it got me to thinking about Herodotus. The “Father of History” was probably a jerk. To be fair I would be too if I was the one who got to decided exactly what was or wasn’t history and who got to be included and who would be forgotten. How far would ... Read More »

New Release: Tales of the Apocalypse


I’ve got a new book out but first I wanted to say thank you. The response to my Duck & Cover series has completely blown me away. It thrills me that so many people are enjoying reading the series as much as I am writing it. The comments and emails and everything have been a huge boost to my already overinflated ... Read More »