The world is full of wonderfully deep and insightful books that stir the soul and cause us to question the role we play in the universe.

There is also Ambien. I thought we could use a few laughs.




Young Adventurer’s Alphabet

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The Young Adventurer’s Alphabet follows a young explorer around the world using the alphabet as his guide. Amazon, boomerang, cannibal and all the way to the great wall and a zeppelin, this book is full of fun pictures and educational poems for kids 6 to 10.


Adventure is out there. You just have to look.
And, if you go searching, you will need this book.
From the banks of the Amazon to a ship of the air,
everything’s in here. Don’t go unprepared!

You’ll learn about things from all over the place.
You’ll learn about some of the dangers you’ll face.
You’ll learn about people from far, far away.
You’ll learn about howdahs, quicksand and apes.

You’ll learn about mountains so high you can’t breathe,
and some of the mythical creatures you’ll see.
You’ll learn about curses that simply can’t be.
and you’ll learn all of this from A to Z.