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I’m happy to announce that How to Author is now available at the iTunes stores as a free podcast. Subscribe and all new episodes will download automatically as soon as they’re posted.    I’ve been having a lot of fun making these videos and wanted to get your thoughts. What do you like/not like about How to Author? What topics ... Read More »

How to Author: Where Ideas Come From

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Where do authors get their ideas? It’s not the muse. That’s for sure. Read More »

How to Author: An Apology to English Majors

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I said some things and I’m sorry. Read More »

How to Author: Five Writing Advices

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In today’s video I share five pieces of writing wisdom and it’s sure to upset somebody.  Read More »

Work In Progress: The Mechanical Menace


I’m working on the new Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell and having a blast. I’ve always enjoyed writing the world’s greatest adventurer and his loyal valet, Bertrand. This time they’re going up against The Mechanical Menace. The cover hints at what that menace might be.  Read More »

How To Make an Author Video


I’m a guest over at author Molly Greene’s website this week talking about how I make my author videos and why you should be more like me. Please check it out if you get a chance, Molly is very cool and her website is a great resource for authors of all types. Go there now.  All of my novels, including ... Read More »

How to Author: Creative Writing Classes

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When people ask me if they should taking a creative writing class before writing a novel, I tell them yes. Here’s why. Read More »

The princess and the Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warrior


It’s finally here. Knights of the Apocalypse , the sequel to Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors, is available now on Amazon. A price on their heads has driven Jerry the post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior, Erica and their loyal mastiff west in search of a new beginning. But when their truck breaks down in what was once southern Colorado they are swept into an epic quest ... Read More »

How to Author: Dealing with Distractions


A snow day has inspired me to talk about how to deal with distractions/children while trying to write. Read More »

Coming soon. Very soon.


The Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warrior is back. A price on their heads has forced Jerry, Erica and Chewy to leave New Hope and travel west. Along the way they find themselves stranded in the Kingdom of the Five Peaks, a land run by King Elias and his knights. Before it’s over they will be forced to survive a city full of ... Read More »