Mutants, cannibals, super smart bears. The wasteland is filled with dangerous creatures and bizarre characters trying to survive. In the middle of it all, a man and his dog roam what’s left of the world doing their best to help the helpless. It’s the end of the world as you’ve never known it. Readers are calling it “Mad Max meets Monty Python.”


The machines will turn on us. That much is certain. But having a potentially murderous robot in the house is a chance worth taking if we don’t have to fold our own laundry. But, who do you call when your robot turns and the warranty is up?

“Part Ghostbusters. Part I, Robot.”  – Amazon Review


Evil empires, awesome ships, alien worlds, smooth spies, hot criminals, grumpy sidekicks, narcissistic captains, unacceptable insubordination, hostile relics and some deep, dark secrets, Shattered Alliance is a hilarious look at humanity’s future in the stars.

DADS vs.

If you’re not him, you know him. He’s the unsung hero of countless TV shows and commercials. Now he’s finally being given the chance to share his side of the story as he takes on everything from the grocery store to the Tooth Fairy to zombies.

“I laughed so hard I got a headache.” – Amazon Review


Part Doc Savage, part Naked Gun, Damian Stockwell travels the globe righting wrongs, delivering justice and punching evil in the face.


Benjamin Wallace is the bestselling author of the Duck & Cover Adventures, Dads Vs. & Junkers series and other books. He lives in Dallas, Texas where he complains about the heat. A lot.


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