Dads Versus Zombies

John, Chris and Erik are neighbors in the quaint subdivision of The Creeks of Sage Valley Phase II. These three family men happily live the typical suburban family life—their only real problems have been with each other and the draconian rules of the HOA.

That all changes when the dead rise from their graves and walk the Earth. Now they must reluctantly join together to survive the spreading apocalypse and find their families. Personal fears, long buried secrets and their own personalities threaten to tear the group apart as they make their way across the zombie ridden landscape in Dads vs. Zombies.


Originally published as Dumb White Husbands vs Zombies: The Zomnibus


“Best Zombie Apocalypse Ever”

“This entire series is non-stop laughter.”

“…rises well above scary and gross – it goes full idiot.”

“I laughed so much I got a headache.”

“You’ll only stop laughing in order to cry.”


  1. I am SO ready for some “full idiot!”
    Just downloaded this through Kindle Unlimited.

    Thanks in advance for the chuckles–

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