Fascination – Einstein’s Refrigerator

Einstein invented a refrigerator. That alone is intriguing to me. I like to think that, after solving the mysteries of the universe, contributing to the downfall of the Nazis, and doing some insanely hard math, he reached for a beer and found it lukewarm. With the...

Fascination – Bananas

Bananas are awesome. They taste delicious and are closely associated with monkeys. That there is enough, in my eyes, to be a fan. But, I only had some idea of how violent they were. I was looking for general information on Honduras and stumbled through wikipedia...

Fascination-Intracoastal Waterway

Years ago I found out about the Intracoastal waterway. (Don’t laugh at me. I live in Texas-the idea of a riverbed with enough water float in is a foreign concept).   This system of rivers, canals, lakes and channels fascinated me. That one could boat from...


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