Using My Words – Regrouping

Does this author thing ever become overwhelming? Yes. You’re trying to feed any momentum there is and the urge to put work out is pretty substantial. I refuse to put anything out that I’m not proud of which slows the process down. When it slows down, it’s frustrating....

Using My Words – Marketing as a Waste of Time

I’ve seen a lot of authors say that marketing is a waste of time. That it’s time you could be writing. I disagree. Even time spent marketing is time spent writing. Everything I write is an opportunity to write better. Even these stupid posts give me an opportunity to...

Using My Words – Filling the Well

Filling the well. I hate that phrase. My first employer used it. He encouraged it. And he scolded you if he caught you doing it. His hypocrisy aside, “filling the well” is invaluable. I’ve never feared not having an idea because I’m always taking things in. I can’t...

Using My Words – Focus

Focus is important. Focus is crucial. Focus is frigging hard. I can’t focus. I never could. That’s why I wanted to do this author thing. I fall asleep in meetings. Honestly, I thought I had narcolepsy. I even went to the doctor for it. He told me I was just bored. Or...

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