It’s beautiful. I’ve lost track of time.

Monday’s have lost their hold over me and if it wasn’t for the kids’ after school stuff I wouldn’t even have to care what day it was.

Projects I’ve wanted to get to for years are finally progressing:

The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell will continue in 2 weeks with Terrors of Telsa.

My first kids’ book will follow shortly behind that. It’s my first illustrated book. I didn’t even write this one. I’m just doing the art. You’ll love it though, I’m working was an awesome poet.

When that is wrapped up it’s on to the next Dumb White Husband story. I’ve been planning this one for years. It will be an epic tale.

There’s a whole list of stuff after that.

I’m loving this.

If I was still at the office I’d be in a meeting right now.


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