I’m not quite ready for a full-blown midlife crisis. But I am ready for a change.

We’ll start small, with the things I carry around each day.

CRKT Minimalist Bowie

I picked this minimalist bowie up from CRKT because I thought would be good to have while paddling around the lake. It’s a neck knife so, it would be easy to grab in a pinch when my clumsy ass flips over. That was the excuse I used when I bought it. But, since then, I’ve decided I can use the kayak excuse to get a different river knife.

Besides, this one came in handy for running.

I don’t like to run, but I’m afraid it’s become unavoidable. Walking just isn’t getting the heart rate up anymore. One of the many things that sucks about running is that if I put things in my pockets ( like my phone or a pocket knife) my pants will fall down. And I don’t want to be a viral video for the wrong reasons.

That’s why I picked up a running belt which IS NOT A FANNY PACK! It holds my phone and a house key and not much else. But I found this like knife sits perfectly on the back of the belt. It’s so light I barely notice it once I get moving.

I never considered carrying a fixed blade knife around all the time, but this has made me rethink it. The Minimalist from CRKT comes in several blade shapes. I got the Bowie because…well…Texas.

Despite its small size, you can get a really solid grip on it. It would be great for breaking down boxes, shaving down sticks and shanking a zombie should a fellow runner suddenly get hungry for brains.

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