The Color of Money. Creed. Cobra Kai. I love these shows because they give us a look at some of our favorite characters twenty or thirty years later. And with the success of Creed, I’m starting to get my hopes up for a continuation of the movie Rad.

I’m sure you all, like me, have always wondered what happened to Cru Jones. We all know that Cru Jones was the beloved small town paper boy who had thunder in his heart and was really good at riding his bicycle. So good, in fact, he was able to overcome Team Mongoose and their evil parent corporation’s attempts to stop Cru from riding his bicycle in the big race, Helltrack! Of course, it wasn’t just his insane bike dance skills, it was his heart that really overcame greed to win the day. Though it was straight up his bike dance skills that won the heart of Lori Loughlin. (Or at least the dude that was her stunt double.)

But where did those awesome skills and thunderous heart take him after that? Surely, Helltrack wasn’t his peak.

Now, obviously, he couldn’t keep riding his bicycle forever. But it wasn’t the bicycle that made him special. It was that can do spirit and never say die attitude that made him a rockstar on a bicycle. And I imagine that’s exactly what he became. A rockstar.

But not just any rockstar. Knowing Cru, as we do, I don’t see him as a front man. Not when he was so willing to share the credit for his victory with his friends, family and even his former nemesis Bart Taylor. (It was such a touching moment when he asked Bart to join Team Rad and together they hoisted his former enemy’s bike into the air.)

No Cru was one to share the glory and would thus end up in a super group with other stars of the era. Someone like Lou Diamond Phillips. And they would tour the country, possibly solving crimes and taking down villains with a rock ’n’ roll attitude.

Seeing this as clearly as I did, I figured it was worth trying to put a script together. Step one? Make sure everyone was still alive.

So I looked up Cru Jones (Bill Allen) and HOLY SHIT HE’S PLAYING IN A BAND WITH LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS! What are the odds? They’ve got to be pretty slim, I mean, there’s only one Lou Diamond Phillips and he only has one band.

Now I can’t tell from their Facebook page if the Pipefitters solve crimes as well and rock your face off, but we can only assume.

But how cool is that? It has to be the coolest story to come out of the movie Rad. I mean, yeah, Bart Taylor Bart went on to rescue Nadia Comăneci from the abusive relationship she was in with the man that helped smuggle the internationally renowned gymnast out of Romania during the height of the cold war. They later fell in love and married. And if all started because of Pat Sajak. But, playing in a band with Lou Diamond Phillips. That’s something.

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