We started a t-shirt and sticker company, my wife and me. There are some other things there as well, but if you asked me what Danger Bear Industries considers its specialty, I’d say t-shirts and stickers. And, me personally, I really like the stickers. Back somewhere around fourth grade, I had two very cool things: a Trapper Keeper and a friend whose dad sold apparel. Not just any apparel, surf apparel. This meant an endless supply of stickers from T&C Surf Designs and Gotcha

I may have had a T&C shirt at some point. I know I had the NES game. I can’t recall ever wearing Gotcha but my Trapper Keeper was covered three layers deep with awesome stickers. So not only did my homework folder say, “I like Lamborghinis like everyone else,” it also said, “I like gorillas who can surf and that half shark half man thing that Gotcha’s got going.”

The spirit of the individual still matters. And while we can’t bring back the Trapper Keeper in a relevant way—sadly its day has passed—, we’ve all got a laptop/tablet/big ass phone calling for some adhesive accessorizing.

So there you have it. Why do I like making stickers? Because I miss Trapper Keepers.

Check them out at Danger Bear Industries


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