I’m not quite ready for a full-blown midlife crisis. But I am ready for a change.

We’ll start small, with the things I carry around each day.


I didn’t set out to find a fidget toy.

My goal is to fill a jewelry box with cool things my grandkids could find one day. And I’m going to have a lot of them since all of my children are going to have triplets as penance for what they put me through. (My plan is to spike cocktails with fertility drugs at family gatherings if I have to.)

The Kershaw Pub is a pry bar, bottle opener, screwdriver and an inch and half long blade that clips on a key ring. It’s certainly handy, weighs nothing and takes up no room. But, it’s seriously the best little fidget toy. Forget fidget spinners. This has a friction lock on that it strangely satisfying to open and close over and over again while sitting on endless Zoom calls. (Note: Don’t get caught playing with knives on video calls.)

Its size does make it handy.

You could clip the tings just about anywhere. I discovered much by accident that I can attach it to the back of my phone with the magnet in the case.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a knife. It looks like some nondescript gadget. And that’s exactly the kind of thing I wanted for the future treasure chest. You see it and think, What the hell is that? Oh, cool. It’s a knife.

For as cool as it is, it’s certainly not a self-defense blade.

I wouldn’t rate it for stopping anything more than any than a surly salamander. But as a compact little multi tool, it does the job.

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