I’ve never read any of Henry Kuttner’s work before. I didn’t even know about him until recently. His stuff is available as ebooks so he’s hardly one lost to history. But reading what other sci-fi legends have to say about him—I am Legend is dedicated to him with thanks for help encouragement—his relative obscurity seems a crime.

I came across The Best of Henry Kuttner at a used bookstore not long ago and it seems to contain a good sampling of his stories. But, I’m most excited to read whatever Gallegher stories are included. These are about a man who is a genius inventor when drunk but has no recollection of what he built or what it does when he’s sober. How are these not better known?

I could be late to the game. Maybe everyone knows about Kuttner and his stories. But, it’s new to me and I’m excited to check them out.


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