A standing personal resolution that popped up year after year was to write a book. Having now done that, I’ve gotten full of myself and I want to write more.

I wrote 6 titles in 2012. A couple of short stories, a couple of nonfiction, a novella and a novel. This year it’s all novels.

I always plan too big so my plans this year are to finish 8 novels. Can I do this? A couple are well on their way. Outlines help dramatically. It is simply finding the time to write.

My regular goal was to write 2000 words a day and I often missed that goal. Not because I fell short, but because I never got to write. Blogging, marketing and all the other stuff got in the way.

This year I plan to back off on the marketing quite a bit. I still intend to blog but that will be done on the weekends and not during my regular writing time. My new goal is 3000 words a day. Is this possible? With a better outline process and fewer distractions in place … maybe.

Anyway my hope is that this will be a year of sequels for the most part. There will be two  more books in The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell starting with a story called Terrors of Tesla and two more novels in the Duck & Cover series following that. There’s one more Dumb White Husband story to tell but it will take a novel to do it and Tortugas Rising should finally have a sequel at the end of the year.

That’s only six. The other two are surprises/not sure I’m gong to write them titles.

So, my resolutions are:

write 3k words a day
pay less mind to the marketing crap
write 8 books
and read more (I’ve got a TBR pile that’s in danger of falling on the little dog. But, I don’t like the little dog so I’m not going to move it.)


What are your plans for 2013?



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