Canada had a missile program in the early 50’s. The name of that program was Project Velvet Glove.

As an attempt at subterfuge, I get it. With a name like that, any foreign operator would naturally assume it was a secret program to develop new mitten technology. But, as a Canadian, I find it embarrassing. I think they could have done a lot better.

Here are my—admittedly late—submissions for project names:

Project: Angry Beaver

Project: Fire Goose

Project: Thunder Moose

Project: Northern Lighting

Project: Fierce Mitten

Project: Aurora Blow Your Arses Off

Project: Totally Not A Secret Missile Program

Project: Take Off, Eh

Project: Sorry, Hoser

Project: Nuke Your Touque Off

Project: Toboggan Rocket

I know I’m missing some. Drop them in the comments.


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