Bruce Campbell needs to write more books. Not more memoirs. More novels. I think this one was generally ignored because it felt like it might be a just another autobiography. But Make Love the Bruce Campbell way is one of the funniest books out there.

Like I said, it’s fiction, but the plot still revolves around Bruce. In the book, he finally gets his big break with a role in a Mike Nichols film opposite Richard Gere as a doorman. His desire to nail the part gets him into trouble, causes Gere to stray from his pacifist ways and eventually sees Bruce on the run from the law.

It’s written in the same style of humor he’s known for on film. Admittedly, it may be one reason the book works so well. It’s hard to not read it in his voice and with his cadence. Every joke flows because he’s spent years on film showing us how he’d deliver them.

It’s definitely worth a read if you’re a Bruce Campbell fan or just like a funny book.



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