Many of you have seen my past #5minh8 rants on Twitter. This is where I rant for roughly five minutes about the the important things in life like:

– People that take half a donut at work
– The gas station putting the wrong flavor of coffee in the urn
– Cats’ propensity for evil

Some of life’s most important things deserve way more than 5 minutes. Like having a baby. There are so many facets to the miracle of childbirth that 140 characters just wouldn’t do them justice.

Therefore I present to you Dumb White Husband vs. Babies: A Guide for Unsuspecting Fathers.

In this book I help new fathers get ready for all of the challenges they’ll face when their wife is having a baby. It covers the reality of doctor’s visits, the delivery, hospitals, belly buttons, diapers, bottles and all the milestones of a baby’s first year – like Meconium, rolling over and more.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see a #5minh8 on baby’s first steps, the baby shopping list, baby proofing or any thing baby related, here is your chance.

Dumb White Husband vs Babies: A Guide for Unsuspecting Fathers is available now. Download it today.




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