The Skinners

Little is known about the mysterious Skinners. But everyone has heard something. There are rumors they are cannibals. There are rumors they skin their victims alive. There are rumors they are sadists like the world has never known. They come from up north and are not...

Talons of Justice

    Hawk has always been about justice. Before the apocalypse he was a lawyer who struggled to defend the rights of his clients against the system and struggled to collect payments from said clients. He always respected the law and the system. But with the...
News From the Apocalypse

News From the Apocalypse

Last Band of the Apocalypse is now available. Follow the adventures of a tribute band caught between gigs during the end of the world as they choose a new direction for the band. Get it here.         Knights of the Apocalypse is coming soon. A...
I’ve Screwed Up: 5 Strategic Mistakes In Self-Publishing

I’ve Screwed Up: 5 Strategic Mistakes In Self-Publishing

We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes. It’s what makes us grow as people or something. Usually I find it better to learn from others’ mistakes. It saves me the embarrassment that comes with the lesson. But, sometimes making our own mistakes is unavoidable. In...

I’m Not Writing For You Anymore

I’m not writing for you anymore. And, I’ll be honest, I never really wanted to. I wanted to write for me. It was a totally selfish act. When I first started writing books it was a way to escape the pressures of my day job. I’d sit by myself for hours without a clue as...
What if corporations ran America?

What if corporations ran America?

Some people think they already do. With armies of lobbyists, lawyers and war chests fueling super PACs, people say companies get their way over the needs and rights of the people. But, in the future,when world governments default and the corporations assume the debt...


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